Cupcake Outcome

I met a lot of really great people that promised to vote for my cupcakes.   As I was too beat to stick around for the results of the contest, and no one  has told me differently, I’ll just assume that I won.

I’d like to thank my fellow bakers for really bringing it this year.  Winning a contest such as this means nothing if you are only competing against crappy competitors.  I’m only as good as better than everyone else around me.

I’d also like to thank my loyal assistants:  my stove, my dishwasher, my KitchenAid, my measuring cups and spoons, my bakeware, the lovely people at Central Market and HEB for providing me with the raw ingredients to produce such magnificent cupcakes, and Marla.  She helped just by being there for me.

Edit: I have been informed that I have a trophy with my name on it somewhere.  I do not know which trophy, but I assume the Gold Medal Trophy.  Will keep you updated.

Edit 2: I have heard that someone else has one “1st and 2nd” prizes.  I can only assume that I have therefor won “Best Overall” or some other such prize that is better than “1st and 2nd.”