About Michelle

I’m a Texan.  I’m a CPA.  You may infer anything that I have implied by those two statements, but your inference is likely off.

I won’t talk about my day job, don’t ask.  It’s not that it’s secret; it’s just that it’s boring as all get out to anyone that doesn’t work here.

In the past, I’ve: worked as a computer engineer; airbrushed actors; cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for friends and family 13 years in a row; skated through my bachelors; actually tried and got my masters; ran a haunted house; worked craft services for a movie; ran a Burning Man village; worked a help desk; led when others couldn’t; followed when others should have; performed at half-time for a pro-football game; got laid off, twice; changed careers, twice; crocheted several afgans; coded for an online text-based MUD; danced ballroom competitively and started a blog.  But I didn’t like it, so I started this blog instead.

Official Disclaimer: You may not use the information in my website to make a decision that could adversly affect your life in any way.  Everything I say is how I understand it at the time of posting.  Rules, laws and people change over time.