Ramping up for SXSW

So, the next week or so will be a blur of faces, panels, movies, dancing and food I really shouldn’t eat broken up by brief and insufficient bouts of sleep. Or as most call it South by Southwest. I live in Austin, TX and have for long enough that I call myself an Austinite. But it was only recently that I started attending SXSW.

The first night has me cooking.  The Second Annual Pastries and Pasties.  I’m only in for the Pastries, specifically Heart Burn Cupcakes.

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Hello World!

printscreen(“Hello World!”);

Yeah, that was no language in particular.  I’m just happy it looks more like the languages I learned in CS and EE classes than the MIS classes.  Because I’d still be typing if I tried to make that in COBOL.  *shudder* COBOL.

This is the New JustMichelle site.  New interface, new posts, new everything.  Well, same domain.  I think I’m just going to scrap all of the Old JustMichelle, except the granola bars recipe.  I don’t want to lose that.

Mix and Match Chewy Granola Bars

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Dear Theme Makers


This probably

renders differently in every browser.

And really, I only use IE when at work.

But, when at work.  I’d like to see all of the letters

I suppose, I could try to remember which heading sizes

cuts off the left most letter (all but H2)  Oh!

and just change its color, to green.

but apparently, that locks the rest of the post to header and odd colors…

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